How to Get More Information

Contact us through the Portal

Send us a message through the Portal!  We understand that sometimes it's nice get an immediate answer, and the Portal allows us to write you back as soon as possible with a well thought-out response.

Tips for getting the best response:

  1. Be specific.  Are you worried about a particular lab result?  Say so!  Tell us exactly which one worries you, and why are you concerned.
  2. Remind us of the important things in your medical history.  You are the expert on yourself!  We will look back through your chart to remember what your medical conditions have been.  But by briefly summarizing your medical conditions it helps focus our attention on your current concern! 

This is a great example of an actionable portal message (not real, just an example!) which we can respond to very quickly:

Hi Dr. Rock,

I was reviewing my labs and I noticed that my TSH was marked as low. Remember that we changed my dose of Synthroid about 2 months ago, and I've been taking the 112 mcg pills for 6 weeks now. Is it ok to continue this current dose or do I need to change it?


Other great uses of the Portal are to schedule appointments!  Just let us know who you need to see, when you'd like to see them, and any preferences (morning, afternoon, face-to-face, etc...) in your message.  We'll book you an appointment and get back to you with the details!

Call Us

Can't get your computer to work, or have a question that's hard to write down?  We understand.  Call us!  The number for the Family Medicine clinic is on the bottom of every page on this website: 360-475-4379, option 3, then option 1 (for Team 1).


Yes, of course you need to be careful what you read on the internet, but there is also a ton of really great accurate information!  It's never a bad idea to educate yourself as much as possible.  Just stick to legitimate websites like 

One of my favorite tricks is to do a Google search for a topic, but add the name of a website I know is legitimate to the front of the search.  For instance:

nih covid vaccine


nhk uk eczema

By doing this it helps ensure some of the top links are from websites you trust.  Otherwise you may find yourself on a website that is trying to sell you something!